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Content Creation Specialists of the Year 2022

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022

RK Creative was selected as the 2022 winner for the "Content Creation Specialist of the Year" in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022. These awards celebrate the success and achievements of firms and individuals that have taken an innovative approach to demonstrate exceptional business performance. This is a worldwide publication and I was delighted to represent Scotland.

I have copied the article written by the Innovation & Excellence awards below:

Founded in 2016 by owner Rebecca Guiller, RK Creative provides a wide range of digital marketing services to clients across multiple industries. From sole traders and small businesses, to social enterprises and larger companies, the primary focus of RK Creative is to help clients achieve their goals through the creation and application of effective digital marketing services.

The Edinburgh-based agency has a number of high quality services that help clients build and develop their own brands and promote their services. These include website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management, training and ads, branding and design, strategy building and implementation, photography, videography, content creation and consultancy. As well as working directly with clients, Rebecca has developed important and hard-earned relationships with other exceptional marketing companies who outsource work to her – ensuring they are gaining expertise and fantastic quality content for their clients, leaving time and room on the schedule for new business.

"RK Creative understands the best things about their clients' businesses and creates the most effective content to promote them."

Rebecca has built an enviable reputation for her services since founding the business over six years ago and has become particularly well-known for her holistic marketing approach. This customised style of working has allowed Rebecca to develop effective strategies that take into account the entire business model of her clients, while recognising the marketing channels as a system that flows within the company as a whole. The content creation services available understand the holistic nature of digital marketing and are developed specifically with SEO in mind. When RK Creative are tasked with writing web copy, not only do they write to engage the audience and represent the business in the best possible light, but they also create content deliberately constructed to enhance the businesses profile on search engines. This includes using targeted words or phrases, known as keywords or keyword phrases, to help search engines find and rank the webpage.

The judging panel was particularly impressed by RK Creative’s appreciation of the digital medium and Rebecca’s understanding of how best to further her clients’ brands. Through a combination of comprehensive knowledge and transformative content, the marketing expert is able to help her clients achieve great success by handpicking the best things about their business and creating the most effective content to promote them.


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