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Taking Photos for Social Media

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

As experienced photographers, we would always primarily advise businesses to get some professional images taken of their products, services and people. Many agencies (including ours) provide photography packages which provide you with a bank of images that you can distribute on your social media channels, get printed on promotional materials and add to your website. It is a really quick and easy way for you to distribute high quality branded content. 

However, we understand that it is not always feasible and affordable to get a photographer who can cater to your businesses unique needs (unless you contact us ?) and so we have listed a few tips below to help you. All you need is a smartphone and a bit of imagination! 

First of all, establish what your audience wants to see. This could be your products, your services in action or your people e.g. customers, staff, volunteers. Most businesses are good at showing off what they do and tend to focus on this solely. However, who you are and who you sell to is becoming increasingly important to consumers who want to build a rapport and identify with your brand. Why you do what you do is hugely significant in this day and age because consumers crave authenticity. So, when you are taking your photos and publishing on your social media channels, have a think about why you run the business that you do. What is your unique story? Tell us! 

We believe a combination of scheduled and reactive content is the best formula for social media marketing. Some of the best social media content isn’t always planned and sometimes reactive content can generate a lot more response than scheduled content. 

Having a smartphone to hand and knowing how best to capture an image for your business is a great skill to have for promoting your business.

We have put together our top 8 tips for taking photographs on your phone for social media.

  1. Crop instead of zooming - this improves the photo quality

  2. Embrace natural frames - be natural! 

  3. Manage the lighting to best of your ability - outdoors is always best if possible

  4. Get a tripod and mount for your mobile device - to increase stability and shooting quality

  5. Create a new perspective - try not to follow what everybody else does

  6. Take Candids - photographic people naturally to build a narrative 

  7. Think outside the box - use your imagination!

  8. Keep it lighthearted - don't take yourself too seriously, become a brand people can relate to! 

We hope these wee tips are useful for your small business. If you would like further advice on this topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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