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Business Starter Pack for JS Ecotech.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I was approached by the company director a couple of months ago. She came to me with the concept for the new company - building quality homes which are good for the environment and great to live in. They were looking for a company to design the logo and website for their new venture and RK Creative had been recommended.

The directors have a wealth of experience in the industry and with the company being environmentally driven, I felt that it really was a fantastic project to have landed. I thought that our “Business Starter Pack” would be the best option to get the new company started. As we progressed, we added a few additional services to prepare for the company launch.

First of all we had to think of a name for the company. Through research and communication, we came up with the name for the company which we agreed was professional and encompassed the nature of the business, with a slightly personal touch. From there I began to design the logo and website.

Social media and Google pages were set up and business mailboxes were created to ensure the companies professionalism was established from the get go. On completion the website was launched and the client was provided with a full logo pack and brand guidelines.

The directors are really happy with the finalised designs and service provided by RK Creative.

Our business starter pack is only £995 and it includes logo design, social media and Google alert up, business cards and a standard website design. It is available to all new businesses so if you’re interested or know somebody that is, please do book in for a free initial consultation.


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