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Social Media Content for East Neuk Spirit Co.

East Neuk Spirit Co. is a start up drinks company who specialise in sourcing, blending and bottling premium spirit releases that capture the imagination and evoke Fife's unique heritage, while still honouring the true qualities of each individual spirit.


A fire for fine Scottish spirit emboldens and motivates everyone at East Neuk.

East Neuk Spirit Co plans on releasing a series of spirits will each pay homage to the ‘darker’ side of Fife’s history.

DORCHADAS [durr-uh-kuh-dus]

Dorchadas, an amber-spiced rum, is their debut spirit which is a Jamaican x Dominican rum blend that has been distilled using the oldest and most authentic method: pot stills. Whether you like it straight or mixed, this rum is the perfect blend of excellence and authenticity.

Here at RK Creative, we are really enjoying working with this exciting new drinks company, providing content for their social media platforms, managing interations and raising their profile online.

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