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NB Distillery Website

Updated: May 10, 2023

In April 2022, the team at NB Distillery required some updates and advanced features to be added to their website to keep up with the demands of a fast paced business. The company was looking for several features to be added to the site to improve user experience.

After an initial chat I got to work to deliver on the tasks required. This included installing a new app onto the site so that the site content can be translated into 14 different languages. Translating your website attracts new audiences, grows your traffic, and increases conversions. Translation also makes it possible for international leads to fill out your forms, download content, and reach out to sales reps. It is also great for accommodating to people living in the UK, who's first language isn't English.

In addition to this I integrated the trip advisor widget onto the site so that reviews could be read. This is a great sales tool to encourage sales. I also embedded a Google Map iframe onto the site so that customers travelling to the distillery could do so with ease.

Other tasks included various design and layout updates, adding accessibility information which is extremely important, adding code for add to cart buttons and completing a site health check and fixing any outstanding issues to improve site loading speed.

We are really pleased with the updates made to the website. It's a very attractive and easy to use website.

"We’re really pleased with the changes you’ve made, thank you! The level of detail and extra thought you have put into this is much appreciated along with the error fixes and SEO feedback."
- Jenny Martin

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